Useful Information


On admission, the Service User has three months trial to decide whether or not this is the Home for them. During this period it gives the staff time to get to know the service user and the relatives, and to identify their wants and needs.

During this period the Service User’s care and support requirements are also assessed and discussed, and developed into the care plan, relatives or representatives may be involved in the discussions if the Service User’s request this. The aim is to achieve a care plan with which everyone involved is happy with.

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Fees are negotiable at the time of assessment and are payable monthly in advance. Some of the fees are met in part by the local health authority according to your financial status. You will receive your invoice and payment arrangements from the director. Some residents may also be entitled to an extra fee for nursing care which is payable by the Clinical Commissioning Group, and in some circumstances fully funded by Continuing Health Care.


A safety deposit box is available in each room for the safe storage of your choice.

Your monthly bill will not cover such things as hairdressing, chiropody, newspapers, toiletries and separate sundries but will be itemised on your bill.


Your needs will be assessed by the Manager, in order to establish if the Home is able to meet your particular needs. The assessment will be undertaken with your family or advocate if you wish and any other professional body. The information gained will be used to formulate your care plan.  We will regularly evaluate and update this plan of care to ensure it continues to meet your needs.  Should your health deteriorate your care will be appropriately assessed and you may require the assistance of a nurse; it should not be necessary for you to leave the home.  We would care for you in your own room if necessary, specialist advice will be sought to ensure your comfort and wellbeing. We also welcome family / relative input with your care needs as per your wishes.


There are no restrictions to visiting, friends and family may visit at any time, but please be aware before 10 a.m. the staff are usually busy. You may want your relative to stay and have lunch, this is not a problem, please inform the Nurse in charge and she will let the cook know. Meals can be taken in the dining room or in your own room.

Meals are requested from the weekly menu, you will be asked for your preference and the cook will be informed.  If you are not tempted by our choice please feel free to request something of your own choice, we are flexible, our aim is to please. Snacks are available between meals if desired.  Please inform the staff if you have eaten any treats, extra meals, sweets or biscuits as all food consumed by residents have to be recorded.

Breakfast         –      08.30     09.15
Coffee               –      10.45
Lunch               –      12.15 – 13.00
Tea                    –      14.45 – 15.15
Supper              –      17.15 – 18.00
Hot drinks & snacks 19.30 – 20.30 (if required)

All times are approximate and you may have your meal outside of these times if you so wish.

If you or your relatives or any visitors have any allergies please let us know, and ask what is in your food.

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We have an open policy for complaints should you be unhappy with anything that goes on in the Home, both in terms of the treatment and care given by staff or the facilities provided.

You may wish to:

Complain directly to a staff member, who will inform the Manager at once.  You do not have to discuss the details with anyone except the Manager.

Details of the complaint will be entered into the register; the Manager will contact or meet with you as soon as possible and make every effort to solve the problem quickly.


The Manager will make acknowledgement of the complaint within 2 days.  Details of the complaint will be entered into the register. The Manager will carry out an investigation into the circumstances of the complaint and a letter explaining the findings of the investigation and what action has been taken will be sent to you within 28 days.

Complain directly to the:-

Care Quality Commission
Post CQC South West
Newcastle upon Tyne

Tel: 03000 616161
Fax: 03000 616171


Adult Social Services Commissioning
Civic Centre Annex
Park Road
BH15 2ZZ

Tel: 01202 633902