Philosophy of Care


We believe that every individual has physical, psychological, spiritual and socio-cultural needs, and when an elderly person requires long-term care, these needs continue to be experienced.

We believe that the term ‘family’ is meant in the widest possible sense of the word – this may include extended family, close friends, ex-carers, and pets. To encourage family participation in the decision making, care and visiting, we ask that family members provide us with as much information as possible and work collaboratively to design a “package of care” which optimally meets the needs of the individual.

All care staff at Delph House adhere to the philosophy statement. In addition, they adhere to the philosophy statement of code of conduct required of them by their own profession.

We believe in supporting the independence of the individual and their rights to use freedom and choice – we will encourage their abilities for as long as possible. When, however, cognitive and memory abilities become frail, we will not insist on reality-based approach to care. If necessary we will try and use our YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND SENSITIVITY to make NECESSARY decisions for the individual, in their best interests, in the light of whatever information we have about their life.

We support the use of a range of interpersonal communication methods, which encourage the individual to reminisce, express emotions, and enjoy physical and social stimulation.

Our Policies

  • Open visiting.
  • Staff available for consultation 24 hours a day.
  • Up to date medical information on condition of relative (With service user consent or as lasting Power of Attorney for welfare).
  • Service user may go out with relatives or friends with prior notice to the Home.
  • Verbal and physical involvement welcomed with the planning and implementation of the planning of care.
  • Participation in social events run for the service user.
  • Meals available on request whilst visiting service user.
  • Advocacy information available.
  • Meeting’s arranged with the Manager on request.
  • Complaints procedure available, as is a suggestion box and relatives questionnaire.
  • Access to telephone services.