Our hairdresser visits weekly on a Monday. Please inform the staff if you would like an appointment.


All laundry is carried out on the premises and will be collected from your room.  Please ensure all personal items are labeled to avoid confusion and to ensure all clothing is returned to you. There are clothes bags available for relatives to separate personal clothes to be taken home and washed.

Hairdressing, Retirement Homes Dorset, Delph House

We have Church of England services held at the home, and Communion, the dates will be displayed on the notice board in the reception area. The clergy are willing to come to the home, please inform the staff if you would like to see a member of the clergy. Other denominations will be treated with respect and every effort will be made to meet your needs.


Every effort will be made so that you can continue with your GP, but if you are from outside the area, you will have to register with a local GP. The local GP for Delph House is Dr Cabrini at the Hadleigh Practice.

The same applies with your Dentist, Optician and Chiropodist, if they are willing to keep you on their books then you may continue under their care, if not the Home has regular visits and treatment is carried out in the home.