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Is a friend or family member living with the effects of dementia? Are you looking for dementia care homes Dorset can rely on to provide a caring and compassionate environment that’ll ensure the needs of your loved one are met? If so, it’s time to give Delph House Care Home a call today on 01202 692279 to discuss your friend or relative’s needs in more detail.

Discover One of the Best Dementia Care Homes in Dorset

A common misconception is that dementia is a disease – this couldn’t be further from the truth. The term refers to symptoms which are sufficient enough to diminish an individual’s mental capacity to the point where everyday activities become difficult, if not impossible, to perform. Here at Delph House Care Home, we are one of the most knowledgeable dementia care homes Dorset has seen.

The vast majority of cases of dementia are caused by Alzheimer’s disease with the second most common type, Vascular dementia, occurring as a result of a stroke. Contrary to popular belief, dementia is not a condition that is exclusive to older patients. That being said, taking care of the elderly is the sole focus of our Dorset dementia care homes.

So, how can Delph House Care Home be of assistance?


Dementia Care Homes Dorset Can Place Their Trust In

At Delph House Care Home, we provide round-the-clock residential care which includes comfortable accommodation, meals, drinks, and 24-hour dementia care. Each of our residents receives their own room which can be decorated and personalised with their own belongings should they desire this. Each room comes with its own ensuite, and personal care can be provided should a resident require assistance with bathing and getting dressed.

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    Not all Dorset dementia care homes are made equal. Our team are fully equipped and able to provide the best possible care for patients exhibiting impairment in a range of areas including:

    • Communication and Language Skills
    • Memory
    • Reasoning and Judgement
    • Visual Perception

    Unlike many dementia care homes in Dorset, we boast a wide range of facilities which all of our residents have full access to. Such facilities include:

    Dementia care homes dorset


    Our residents will have the opportunity to look their very best with weekly appointments available every Monday. Our hairdresser is more than happy to accommodate all requests, so your loved one is free to opt for any style that takes their fancy.


    The residents at Delph House Care Home will always have access to clean clothes. As part of our in-house laundry service, we will collect any dirty clothes from the residents’ room, launder them and return them neatly folded. Should you wish to take home some of your loved ones’ clothing to be washed, we can provide you with clothes’ bags.

    Religious Services

    We are proud to play host to various Church of England services as well as Communion, the dates of which can be found by directing your attention to our notice board. Should a resident desire to speak to a member of the clergy, a visit can be arranged. We also treat other denominations with respect and will make every effort to see that their needs are met.

    Medical Services

    As one of the most accommodating dementia care homes Dorset offers, we make every effort to enable our residents to continue visiting their current GP, dentist, optician and chiropodist. In some cases, this may not be possible. In such cases, we have local professionals who visit the home on a regular basis.


    Residents of our dementia care homes Dorset will also have the opportunity to partake in daily activities. These activities range from weekly sing-songs and manicures to visits from ‘Caring Canines’, walks (weather permitting), Easter Tea Parties and much more.

    Our team always aim to provide our residents with a homely environment with plenty to keep them busy and stimulated. We also welcome suggestions from family members and residents alike of activities that they would like to see introduced.

    Why Choose Delph House Care Home?

    If you’re tired of searching for most caring dementia care homes Dorset has to offer, look no further than Delph House Care Home. For many years, we have provided respite, residential and dementia care to residents from all walks of life. We place emphasis on quality of life, so you can be certain that your loved one is in safe hands.

    We recognise how difficult it can be for an individual to transition from living at home to living in a care home. At Delph House Care Home, we do everything we can to make this transition as easy as possible. We take a compassionate, caring and understanding approach to make the resident feel as comfortable as possible. This sets us apart from other dementia care homes in Dorset.

    As a rule, our aim is to support the individual in their independence for as long as possible. Our staff are fully trained and adhere closely to our philosophy statement. They will support your loved one with interpersonal communication methods. Each resident is encouraged to enjoy physical and social stimulation, reminisce and express emotions.

    Above all else, we welcome families to our Dorset dementia care homes, as we feel that family can never be replaced!


    Seek out one of the finest dementia care homes Dorset has seen now. Call Delph House Care Home on 01202 692279 to find out more.